Crafty Goings on in York

Thought I would mention some of the great things happening in York at the moment in the arts – starting with the culmination of a 5 week textiles course, run by York Adult Ed, that I’ve just been on!


The group was entirely made up of women, not too surprising perhaps, but without exception, everyone brought such fantastic and creative ideas to class, which did surprise me, as it was for ‘improvers’.  Deborah, our tutor, gave us several different techniques to try each week, and we spent the 2 hour session trying out all sorts of fabrics, stitches, embelishments and having a good chat.  What a lovely way to spend the evening – just sorry it was only 5 weeks!

I was particularly taken with the felt hearts made by one member of our group – as you can see from the photo, they look fantastic, and will make a beautiful addition to her home at Christmas.  I am stealing her idea (and her template!).

Deborah will be teaching a full day workshop at Inspirations, so keep checking back for more details over the next few weeks.

Have also had through some info about the next set of FLARE craft markets – you can check out the FLARE blog to find out more, but I definitely recommend a visit – if you love handmade, I promise you will find something to buy.  On my last visit, I seriously underestimated how many things I would want to buy, so next time I’ll be making a visit to the cashpoint beforehand!


One response to “Crafty Goings on in York

  1. Yay! Thanks Inspiration York :o) We’ve put a link to you on our blog.

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