Funding cuts pose threat for adult learners

 Every year the threat of funding cuts rears it’s ugly head in adult and community learning, and this year is no different.  We know how valuable many of our learners find our courses – not just from the perspective of developing new skills, but for the sheer enjoyment of making new friends, being part of a group and enjoying their leisure time.

It’s so frustrating that in this day and age the benefits of informal learning for adults are still not acknowledged by the powers that be in terms of sufficient funding and that despite their previous promises to commit to preserving informal learning opportunities across the UK via the Learning Revolution, many providers, ourselves included, will have to make decisions (such as raising course fees and cutting whole areas of learning) that may have an adverse affect on our community. 

The proposed cuts were reported in the Guardian yesterday, and we would strongly urge you to contact your local MP to tell them how important learning is to you. 

In the meantime, why not get in touch with us and tell us why learning is important to you – our blog is widely read and your voice really matters to us.

Post your comments on here and help us fight the cuts!


One response to “Funding cuts pose threat for adult learners

  1. This is devestating news. They have already followed this model (learning for life – finances, reading, Basic maths, IT, apllying for jobs) in North Devon and classes such as pottery were changed to be certificated only. Other arts/crafts classes were cut significantly. Despite lobbying by locals prior to the change, the plan went a head – many people who opposed the changes were not even afforded a reply.

    Arts and crafts offer benefits to a diverse population I’m a great number of ways. It offers an increase in self confidence, the chance to network if you so wish (these both have the potential to assist in the job market), the opportunity to access a variety of classes allows people to try out things that may lead to extended learning in a chosen field. It provides jobs in tuition, funding to establishments for buildings, halls, rooms that otherwise might remain empty. These are just practical benefits.

    For people who already have ‘life skills’ but have difficulties in other areas of life, disabilities or health issues, classes such as these are invaluable. It aids thinking, concentration, coordination

    Psychologically, a gain in self confidence is all important. This cannot be underestimated. Classes bring happiness, friends, the satisfaction of learning a new skill, self accomplishment in completing something unique that you have created yourself.

    Arts and crafts, to me, fill my life. They offer a new way of seeing the beauty around me. I as much enjoy looking at the art created by others as I do in the art I create myself.
    I have learnt and gained so much that benefits me and others.
    I thought the Community Patch project was amazing.

    I will write to the local MP but I fear that this is a decision already chiselled in stone 😦

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