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Crafting gets colourful

OMA Tagtool artists at Illuminating York 23 Oct - 1 Nov, photo by Kippa Matthews

OMA Tagtool artists at Illuminating York 23 Oct - 1 Nov, photo by Kippa Matthews

We’re completely inspired by all the art being created at Illuminating York!

Over the weekend, there were several thousand people at the 3 sites each day,  and although it’s cold, we want to see more!  The soundtracks that accompanied the projections were fantastic, but for us it was all about the colours!  The idea of having a mix of really bright, vivid, clashing colours really appeals, especially when it’s set against the backdrop of the night sky – I’ll be using this idea for inspiration on my patches this week. The Wall of Light is a bit like seeing fireworks really with the constantly changing images – and we definitely heard some ‘oooooohs’!

We’ve had a few more patches in from eager craftsters now, and we’re really impressed with the standard.  As soon as we can get round to taking pictures, we’ll add some to the blog so you can see what people have been creating.  We’re also looking forward to our patching session at the weekend – we’re getting some tutors and friends together to have a few hours of crafting so we can start building up our patch collection!  Again, we’ll post some photos from this session on here as soon as we can.


Illuminating York 2009

I’m lucky enough to be part of the marketing group working on the Illuminating York festival that starts today and runs through until Sunday 1 November.  We had our press launch last night, and had a fantastic turn out, including Look North, The Yorkshire Post, York Press and the arts journalist Patrick Kelly.

Welcome to York

Welcome to York

The 10 day annual event gives people the opportunity to see cutting edge technology used to highlight the beauty of some of York’s oldest buildings and monuments – this year the multangular tower in the Museum Gardens and the courtyard at King’s Manor.  The picture above shows the work of two companies GaiaNova & OMA International, who will be based in the Museum Gardens every night for their Wall of Light piece – I’ve included a link to their blog here (Drawing Live News), but you can find out more about how their piece works by visiting the Tagtool website.  It’s a very cool piece of equipment which, in conjunction with a laptop and projector, allows images to be created, edited and projected to a giant scale.  There’s also information on the Tagtool website about how you can build your own, if you are technically-minded!  York based company Bright White will be projecting Vespertine in King’s Manor, a light and sound piece based on nocturnal creatures and sounds – the sound is fantastic in the space!

Pilot Theatre & KMA will also be featured at the festival, projecting their piece 5Circles in St Sampson’s Square 23 -25 October.  They’ve just been awarded the Inspire mark for 5Circles- which essentially means they will be included in the London 2012 cultural programme of events – well done to them.

After all the hard work that goes into planning such a large event, it’s absolutely brilliant to see the final results.  The artists who were drawing last night are incredibly talented, and I strongly urge you to come along and take a look – you can even have a go at ‘drawing on the wall’ yourself, and I promise, if you’re interested in photography – you will get some AMAZING shots.

The festival takes place every evening from 6pm – 10pm, and you can find out more about what’s on, and how you can get involved on the Illuminating York website